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NL Inflatable Beach WP Course

NL Inflatable Beach WP Course


The Next Level Inflatable Course is one of a kind staple of our organization. Designed to maintain its form in the harshest conditions, The Inflatable Design has a 1ft Exterior Diameter, and is built to handle the game like you can! Fully customized to FINA standards, this course will take your game to the Next Level! Transform this course from Beach or Full-Size with ease! Suitable for all bodies of water; calm, rainy, or with wind & waves, this course will be able to handle it all.


Everyone can now have access to the sport we love, no matter what type of location you live in.





                                               Please contact us directly for faster shipping options!





Unfold each unit of the field on a flat, non abrasive surface. Inflate each unit seperately using the pump provided (or with a pump identical/stronger PSI) prior to connecting course together. To assemble, follow the user guide provided. How do I secure the course? This NL Inflatable course can be attached to the edges of a pool by bungy cords or weight bags! For anything other than a pool, to secure down the course effectively or anchor the course to the floorbed safely, please contact us directly at and we will be happy to walk you through the process!



Detatch the course from the weight/anchor points. Separate the field and disassemble the units individually. Be sure to move each unit to a flat & non abrasive surface before deflation. Allow course to fully deflate (Pump can be used again to remove excess air trapped in the units). To assure optimal future use, wash off the course with fresh water and allow to dry before storage. 


Storage instructions

Prior to storage, the course should be washed with fresh water and allowed to fully dry. Once completely dry, the course can be packed & be ready to go for the next time!


Repairs or Boo Boos

The NL Inflatable Course has been designed so that it can be repaired by anyone! If you notice a puncture on a component or notice leaking air, simply open the provided Course First-Aid Kit & the directions/needed parts are provided. We supply self-adhesive patches, spare valves, and several other tools you may need.

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