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Staunch Size 5 WP Ball

Staunch Size 5 WP Ball


All water polo balls are manufactured to a FINA approved standard using the highest quality materials. The outer casing is long wearing butyl rubber with hand cut sections and are placed into a mold which are then amalgamated with an inflated inner carcass. The surface is a unique Auspole Sports Products hand buffed feature to create the “grip/no slip” surface and exceeds required standards. The inner inflatable bladder is constructed using a proven nylon wound method with the highest quality double skinned rubber.


  • Durable rubber with sure grip finish.

  • Official sizes and weights.

  • Butyl rubber with hand cut sections.

  • Unique hand buffed feature.

  • Nylon wound with double skinned rubber.

  • Auspole Sports Products “grip/no slip” surface.

  •  International Sport Federations approved.

    If you are outside of Australia please

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